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16/10/2015: Joint meeting AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA Erode SSA ...

The joint meting of Erode SSA AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA took place at Erode GM T office premises during Lunch Hour..District Secretary Sri C Periaswamy, Dist President Sri K K Dhandpani , AIBSNLEA side and  Smt S.Nagalakshmi,  Dist President from AIGETOA welcomed the participants.

The forth coming District Conference activities was discussed and the problems faced by Graduate Engineers, by giving additional and over loads, without giving enough supportive staff, also removing the existing staff.

 It was also pointed out  by members that  it  is specifically demanded  for planning section ,  one Graduate Engineer for doing ERP work, when there is sufficient  SDEs  ( 2 from Engineering side 1 from Civil side) , and two TTAs, and many clerical assistance . Accounts side,  ERP  upgradation work is being carried out by Accounts personnel only.  

DE Internal Erode, pointed out that Local OCB, with all connected  RSUs/RLUs ,  IP TAX  are managed by two SDEs  and three TTAs only, but  for the compact planning section , additional SDE is being demanded. 
Telephone Bhavan, Graduate officers are turning up  during night hours for  MBM failure, and DSLAM  failures , IP TAX failures, and tariff and other  modifications, which are unmanned areas, with their own risks only. 
The credit goes to planning section only, for switching off Package AC units , which are performing with the guidelines prescribed for New Tech switches and IP switches ( 5 microns dust filtering, Complete Air change in the switch room every one hour) 

Accounts side, E3 and E4,   TB promotions are pending.  Administration will be requested to proceed for the completion of time bound upgradation cases.
The Distrct conference will be held during the third week of November. All the comrades are requested to take part . Both the Circle Secretaries will be invited to take part in the meeting.

The meeting ended with vote of thanks by Sri Baskaran CEC member.