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12/07/2018: Net Loss of TN Circle 2017-18 ...

Our circle has ended with a net loss of of Rs.389 crores (Previous year Rs.180 crores).  This increase in loss is mainly because of steep decrease in mobile and broadband revenue since commercial operation of Reliance Jio.  Our operational revenue decreased by Rs.350 crores in 2017-18. 

Tamil Nadu circle has recorded loss of Rs.430 crores in 2013-14  and Rs.475 crores in 2014-15.  As more than 1.5 million lines increased in mobile segment last yearit is time to push the sales in all verticals.  

If we increase the revenue by 1 crore per day, TN circle will record profit.  TN circle is having around 120 SDCAs.  If, each SDCA increases its revenue by one lakh per day put together from Landline, Broadband, Mobile (Prepaid/Postpaid), WLL, Leased lines, Passive Infra sharing & others, next year we will end up with profit.  There is another way is to decrease the expenditure wherever possible.  Each and every employee put our best effort to increase revenue and decrease expenditure.
The Operational loss of TN circle is Rs.104 crores against operational profit of Rs.144 crores in previous year.


Our ACS Com.P.Senthilkumaralingm, DE  ERODE  is posted as DGM (L/A) at Hosur, Dharmapuri SSA. 
We wish him to be successful in his new assignment.

27/07/2017: GS AIBSNLEA's report with regard to 3rd PRC implementation ...

Status of 3rd PRC notification by DPE:

DPE has send the minutes of the Cabinet Meeting held on 19.07.2017 to the Cabinet Secretariat for confirmation in the last week. The confirmation of minutes is expected by this week and thereafter the OM on notification of 3rd PRC implementation may be issued by DPE in the next week. After the notification of the OM the respective PSUs will take decision regarding its implementation for their executives. And, thereafter the respective PSUs will sent to their respective administrative ministries for the approval and issuance of Presidential Directives. In this manner after the notification of DPE OM on 3rd PRC implementation, BSNL Board will take the decision for its implementation in BSNL for its executives and thereafter it will be sent to DoT for approval and issuance of Presidential Directives. We have to see that notification of DPE OM is allowing BSNL to implement 3rd PRC report or not. Whether the Cabinet has empowered respective PSU Boards or administrative ministries to give dispension in the affordability clause as recommended earlier in the interim report of 3rd PRC. In case, the respective PSU Boards/ administrative ministry are empowered by Cabinet for dispension in the affordability condition of the PSU then it is the BSNL Board and administrative ministry who can take decision immediately for 3rd PRC implementation in BSNL for its executives otherwise BSNL Board has to take up the matter with the administrative ministry to take the Govt. approval on dispension in the affordability clause for BSNL. AIBSNLEA is monitoring all these developments very closely and will decide the future course of actions accordingly.