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03/02/2017: Attitude of Erode SSA Administration ..... Executive Postings

If a DE joins from other Circle, he is given instructions that he will be posted to one far off  SDCA HQ , and he has to work there for two years ... Compulsorily, then only he will be considered for transfer...

But a SDE LA who joined from nearby station of Erode SSA, his request for transfer to nearby station was considered within one year and that even immediately , no sooner did he submitted his request.

Female SDE LA  officers who completed two years, and waiting for transfer is not yet considered by SSA Administration.

SSA administration can consider the transfer of  one  SDE LA , who joined in the transferred station, after others, with the oral concurrence of  those joined before him.

In DE LA posting , nearly 50 KM distance from SSA HQ was declined by one male  officer , that was kept in secrecy, One Female officer  was posted to that same station in  DE LA, even though her spouse as Executive is working in SSA HQ.  The declined DE LA  officer (who has long stay record in SSA HQ) was given again DE LA posting, before one year, in 20 KM distance of SSA HQ. 
One DE LA, who  worked in far off  SDCA HQ near Karnataka border, was again transferred to other SSA border as DE LA.

Sensitive post can be occupied by one officer as SDE, as AGM  and DGM also, because he is doing wonderful things in CFA Planning. He had continuous stay in SSA HQ , nearly nineteen years

SSA Administration may overlook some officers who had more than decade long over stay in SSA HQ 

Transfer of Non Executives within the same station, was implemented by the SSA Administration, only after concurrence from Non executive Associations

22/11/2016: Welcome to the New Members of AIBSNLEA ....



13/11/2016: MT EXAMINATION NOTIFIED ON 30/04/2015


09/11/2016: Attitude of Erode SSA Administration , taking too much concentration for comfort of office bearers of one Executive Association

Today TN Circle Administration called AIBSNLEA Circle office bearers to discuss about the long pending HR issues as detailed in our letter dated 24-10-2016 and 07-11-2016.
On behalf of Circle Administration GM(HR &A), DGM(HR), AGM(Staff) and AD(Staff-I) participated in the meeting. On AIBSNLEA side CS, CP, Comrade Lenin Ram ACS, Com. Sundararajan, Branch President, Com. Renganathan Branch Secretary, Com.Periyasamy, Branch Treasurer participated in the meeting.
At the outset CS thanked the circle administration for the issuance of transfer orders to Shri. Annadurai, DGM Namakkal to DGM (Plg) Salem.
Issue raised to Circle Administration against the attitude of Erode SSA Administration...  Posting unwanted and a waste DE post , exclusively for Broadband and building, when for so many years the section was manned by single DEs-  the section -  OCB, IP TAX, Power and Building, CSC Erode,Broadband .
When seniors were given DE LA outside SSA HQ, a junior was accommodated in  SSA HQ, for purely not eligible post.
" Immediate intervention of CIRCLE ADMINISTRATION and issuance of instructions to the GM T Erode to stop the biased attitude against our members in collusion with SNEA".

26/10/2016: Message by GS AIBSNLEA, at Madurai Special GB ....

"My dear Comrades, when you  enter to 

the Election Booth to cast  your Vote the 

room will not be so bright but when you 

see the ballot paper in the number one

position the name of  All India BSNL 

Executives' Association name  will be 

glittering.  Don't go below and try to see 

anything else.  Vote for AIBSNLEA in the

 number one serial.  If you vote to 

AIBSNLEA and come out of the Polling 

Booth your future will be bright and 

secure in the hands of AIBSNLEA."  

                        ......  GS AIBSNLEA....

25/10/2016: The inaugural speech delivered by Com. Senthil Kumaralingam DE (indoor), and District Secretary, AIBSNLEA ERODE, at Madurai

A report on the joint special GB of AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA on the first membership verification for electing a Majority Executive Association held at Madurai at 17.30 hrs. In Tallakulam, Madurai, Tamilnadu on 21-10-2016.

The Joint Special GB of AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA on First Membership Verification of Executives was held at Madurai in a grand manner in front of Level IV Exchange, Tallakulam, Madurai on 21-10-2016 in the Open place.

The meeting was jointly presided over by Com. Bangaru Krishnasamy CP, AIBSNLEA, TN CIRCLE and Victor Samson CP, AIGETOA, TN CIRCLE.  Com. N. Srinivasan DS, AIBSNLEA delivered the welcome address. 

Com N. Bangaru Krishnasamy in his presidential address, narrated the formation of AIBSNLEA with amalgamation of 10 Associations of Engineering/Accounts/Civil/Electrical/Architect/PS&PA/OL and TF and explained about the achievements and role played by AIBSNLEA in All India and   TN circle. 

The inaugural speech was delivered by 

Com. Senthil Kumaralingam DE (indoor), and District Secretary, AIBSNLEA ERODE.  

He explained in detail how the so called saviours of Engineering Cadres particularly the basic entry level cadre of JTO which is considered to be the backbone of DOT and BSNL was let down by these self styled leaders for their own selfish motives. Leaders who could not come successful in the Examination for the promotion to the cadre of SDE stalled the Examination and had not allowed the young and talented JTOs to get promoted to the cadre of SDE through Qualifying and Competitive Examination.  Now they are shedding crocodile tears for the promotive stream of JTOs and DR. JTOs.  It is mockery of the leadership of the Association.  They abrogated Rule 206 and thereby illegally claimed seniority from the vacancy year which led to so many Court Cases and Finally it is AIBSNLEA, WHICH CAME TO RESCUE by establishing that Rule 206 only could prevail and compelled the management to conduct DPC for the promotion to the Cadre of DGM Engineering on Adhoc basis since there is no stay order for conducting DPC.  But the so called saviours of Engineering Cadres and their own top level leader occupying the post CHQ President moved a contempt petition against CMD BSNL to stop the promotion order of DE to DGM (E).  Honourable Supreme court dismissed their petition and ridiculed their arguments and observed that already all your pleadings before the Justice Ramamoorthy committee was heard and rejected your arguments  and held Rule.206 only prevail and however you are arguing for the hefty fees you received.  Even those, who have become JTOs during 1995 till waiting for their First Regular Promotion to the SDE grade.  This is their achievement.  If these people are voted to power they will ruin the future of the young JTOs further.  Hence think thrice before voting and exercise your franchise in favour of AIBSNLEA which will safeguard the future of youngsters and seniors together.  For financially viable BSNL also you should vote for AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA COMBINATION WHICH REPRESENTS young and old.