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21/11/2014: GSM Revenue .....

15/10/2014: Revenue Earning ...

01/10/2014: BSNL Day ....

Dear All,
Actually nobody had welcome the birth of BSNL on 1st Oct, 2010.
Change from Central Govt  Dept to a PSE was heavily criticized.. but it happened. Gradually the reality was accepted. BSNL has well flourished in its first 7 years  especially after MS and BB were introduced.
Profit was high and staff were gifted, first-time in the history of our growth, with memento [HMT wrist-watch] 
2nd Pay revision Committee (2007) had praised BSNL as excellent at par with Oil Cos.
Though a late-enter-er into Mobile Services,  [2002 Oct], BSNL advanced at high pace to a remarkable position soon. Remember those days when people rushed in thousands to BSNL-CSCs and Melas to purchase SIM. 
Thousands of new Communication towers were commissioned at far-foot measure and people commented that BSNL has Mobile signal-range at all places especially in rural villages and High-range valleys; and it is the pioneer Co who launched 3G services in India.
BSNL Fibre-spread and connectivity could also be enhanced in this period.
WLL, Wi-Max, FTTH etc all these services were launched by BSNL with very-reasonable tariff. Yes.. the achievement-graph, on those days was really exemplary and pride-worthy.

Considering the social and political obligation on one side and for protecting and promoting this new Company, BSNL (being 100% Govt-own-Company) was ensured by the Central Govt, the major share of USO fund, due share of ADC, freeing from Licence-fee and other statute-funds etc ... but, sorry to say, this prevailed for a short period only.

In the 2nd half of this 14-yr period, the dues under USO Fund, ADC etc were not paid; huge amount levied under Licences, Special concessions/ rebate etc denied, funding and other considerations were torpedoed; Reserve-fund has been drained, New schemes not granted, transform to 4G and other new-tech vistas lacked and lagged .. and this baby BSNL is getting day-by-day anemic, sick and unhealthy.

The remedial measures prescribed are rather strange .. 
1. Rationalisation to reduce HR by one-third from the Land-phone/ BB area   (Pitroda Committe, Deloittee  Committe  etc recommendations) 
2. Handing over infra-assets gradually to MNCs thru MSAs
3. Forming new Companies and handing-over BSNL assets to them (Eg: Infra-Company, BBNL, NOFN, Land-Bank etc)
4. Restricting Employees' benefits (Bonus, Medical Allowance, LTC, pending staff-claims, threat to Pension/ retirement benefit etc)
5. No new purchases and stale-mate to planning of new Technology and Development
6. Restricted and belated purchases for essential operational and maintenance needs

But the situation is not gloomy as it is projected.

Being a Technology-oriented company, immediately BSNL should plan introducing 4G; schemes for widening Band-width; spreading Wi-Fi; speedy change-over from Circuit swg to Packet swg (NGN schemes); start indigenous R&D centres and production centres;

Study Market-trends and introduce Plans as per Customer-needs;  Meticulous tariff planning; quick-response to Customer-complaints; Effective Operation & Maintenance;

To generate revenue thru effective utilization of Assets is also a major point to think to.
Land, Building, Man, Machine & Materials are to be utilised.

BSNL to think to do business at some diversified areas too; not-to think for leasing out the assets and earn meagre  rental .. but to start new operational areas.
We can think to start Software Companies, Hardware repairing centres, Training Colleges, Engineering Colleges, Chips/ Electronic-boards manufacturing and marketing  etc  etc